The struggle is real.

Apartment life for a car guy. It is rough. I don’t have a place to store parts. I am not really allowed to do repairs/maintenance/mods but that’s whatever. I do what I want.

The real issue here. Parking. There are 3 visitor spots. My Accord lives in one. More on that later. We have one legit spot. My girlfriend parks there. I park in my neighbors extra spot with the BMW. When the hated neighbors don’t double park there.

So that is 2 of the cars. The mustang is undergoing some work, and a generous friend let’s me store that, at no cost, in his heated and cooled shop space. Thankfully. Then there’s the question of where do I put the bike? Honestly, I have no clue but I will need too pick that up soon also. It’s about an hour away in my other friend’s, brother’s, garage. At no cost.

I need to move, or thin the herd. I cant find an affordable shop space. But if I keep buying cars, I might be living g in a shop space. I am not sure how long the other half will put up with these purchases.